Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cats, Dogs, Snails and Flying Pigs: A week round up

Note - this was written two weeks ago!! But puppies, essays and other such fun things got in the way!

We still haven't picked up our great works of art yet!


This week our cats, at my demand, were shaved. I don't know why they call it the lion look - they should call it the alien look!! We have to have the puff on the tail - but refuse to have little puffy socks.

And even though in all their uglyness - we have two very happy and a little bit more active cats.

Because of an apparent shortage of crystal cat litter we had try a new type. I think Tris chose this brand because it was big... and not for the cat used on the packaging!


We took Rox for a walk on the beach - on the way we discovered a Top Gear worthy stretch limo.

Rox seemed to have a fun time, chasing sticks, being cute, watching swimmers risking their life in the polluted water and sitting with her master.

Last night we headed to Colour Me Mine to fulfill the bet for my glorious victory at Monopoly. Tris chose a snail - I amusedly chose a flying pig.

Here is the painted versions. The finished product should come in a weeks time.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Disney: Modernised

A couple of months ago I really wanted to watch some Disney. There wasn't much available - but I got Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. I was amazed at how the two princess have been modernised and I think it is a very sad thing too.

Their original forms seem to have more beauty and character

Monday, April 5, 2010

7 Hobby Horses

When I was told that our Year 3 was going to do Snow White and the Seven Jockeys. I thought 'Hey-Ho wouldn't it be nice if they had Hobby Horses for their Jockey's!'

Then the problem was; finding affordable Hobby Horses in Kuwait wouldn't be easy. So what was the next idea... well I had just started knitting... If I could find a pattern maybe I could make them.

And I found a pattern on Etsy in Ewetopia Fiber Shop - and with great difficulty (because I was doing my first knitting project in the round) I produced Bruce

But then I realised the yarn I had wasn't wool - I couldn't felt it. When I looked for wool yarn - I couldn't find any. But, he still looked alright!

With the next ones, I embellished. More colours, more personality and more beauty.

Lilou Loopy


Bob Bollocks (A student)

Noor - Our Kuwaiti Mascot

John Bond

Prince Charmin'

Unfortunately circumstances meant I couldn't see my 7 horses in action - but I managed to get some photos - and they looked great!