Monday, April 5, 2010

7 Hobby Horses

When I was told that our Year 3 was going to do Snow White and the Seven Jockeys. I thought 'Hey-Ho wouldn't it be nice if they had Hobby Horses for their Jockey's!'

Then the problem was; finding affordable Hobby Horses in Kuwait wouldn't be easy. So what was the next idea... well I had just started knitting... If I could find a pattern maybe I could make them.

And I found a pattern on Etsy in Ewetopia Fiber Shop - and with great difficulty (because I was doing my first knitting project in the round) I produced Bruce

But then I realised the yarn I had wasn't wool - I couldn't felt it. When I looked for wool yarn - I couldn't find any. But, he still looked alright!

With the next ones, I embellished. More colours, more personality and more beauty.

Lilou Loopy


Bob Bollocks (A student)

Noor - Our Kuwaiti Mascot

John Bond

Prince Charmin'

Unfortunately circumstances meant I couldn't see my 7 horses in action - but I managed to get some photos - and they looked great!

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