Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Challange(s) - language warning included

On Thursday Night Tris and I played pool to decide what we will do on the weekend.

The bet...

T: Oil Museum
N: Colour Me Mine (a cafe where paint ceramics).

Well the game went like this:

T: gets two in a row.
N: i missed the orange big =(
T: i missed the orange small =(
N: damn that orange big!
T: I didn't get the orange small, but i got one in.
N: Fuck you orange big!!
T: Fuck you orange small!
N: I got one in!
T : That was the white one
T: Oh horrah you got one in!
T: Oh look just the black left
N: NOO the oil museum!
T: Horray I won!
N: Congratulations! Let's play chess
T: Aww something your good at...
N: Indeed
T: Horray I won!
N: I'm going home

So it was the oil museum ahoy! But since I had parent consultation on the weekend and came home shagged we have put it off for this weekend.

But that hasn't stopped us doing the next weekend challenge... KNOCK-OFF-OPOLY!!!

With things like

Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

How could we go wrong...

The bet...
N: Colour Me Mine
T: I dunno... (Creative thinking Hubby!)

After a grueling beginning, my gamble of buying as much as I could started to pay off, until I got hit with the house tax. So...

I paid it off because I was rich as all hell... mwhahahahahahahahahahaha!

Me Mine - Next Weekend! =)

But the real winner?

Lyia! She owns Knock-Off-Opoly!

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