Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sprouts and Sha'ab

In Amsterdam we brought bulbs and seeds of: Darwin Tulips; Rembrandt Tulips; Mini Sunflowers; A Orange tree; Birds of Paradise; and a Bonzi Tree. This was to add to our magnificent green collection (of two plants)

Now I haven't planet anything before; so when the flowers began to sprout I got childishly excited - often commenting 'Oh look how he has grown today!'

So more pictures to comes as they grow! =)

Earlier this week Tris and I decided to play Yuka. But to make it interesting we put a bet on it - the bet is what we would do one day of this weekend.

Tris wanted us to go to the Oil Museum. I wanted to go to the Fun Park - where Tris would have to come on the scary rides with me, and had to win me a toy.

So off we went to the Al Sha'ab Leisure Park; built in 1996 it hasn't seem to be have been upgraded since.

We first went past this water slide; which I thought the mouths were beautiful - but I regretted putting my camera down. Because two screaming woman came spilling out - dressed in the full burka. What a surreal site!

Then we went past this ride; which I think would have redesigned for political reasons other countries

Off next we went to Ripley's Believe It or Not... and while some of it was quite gruesome, and vaguely interesting but because of TV, the internet and easier access of travel it made the whole exhibition have little impact.

Next was the Haunted Castle... oooOooooo.... a ride which we first had to walk up this dark corridor (with me pushing Tristan in front of me) we made each other really nervous - until we realised it was just the walk way up to the start of the ride... and that disappointment is how I could sum up the ride. Lame animatronics, parts of the ride not lit up correctly to actually see what was there, some parts not even working... it would have been all worth the lameness if one guy jumped out and said 'Boo!' but alas... even though it looked like it was designed for that, it was not to be so. I can just see some of the locals losing their shit at someone who was trying to scare them. Sad!

We went past this ride; which strapped you up to a rope and you went swinging. We decided not to go on because we thought we would violate point 6.

Next was Mini Golf; and with the way the park had maintained it meant there was no smooth course and with seeds all over the ground it made for an interesting game.

Here is Tris on the last hole... well on the grass after hitting past the hole. But, as you can see he got back on the course, and got the ball in.

Tris did win the game, and here is me getting angry at the ball.

We did go on the roller coster, and that was damn scary! Especially the part when we thought it the coaster was going to fall off the loop!! The thrill is not the ride itself... it wondering if it's not going to fall apart while your on it... although I use to have that thought with the Big and Lil Beasty in Wonderland.

We went on a couple of more rides, then it was time for Tris to fufill the last stipulation of the bet. We tried at a couple of chance games - and failed miserably. Until we found one where we would definitely win a prize. Tris won me the teddy. Im won him the... thing... with blue breasts and tassels....

Overall, even though how expensive and lame the place was - it was loads of fun!! =) Next time we will go to Entertainment City (which is also called Risk Your Life City named after a school visit there where my friend had a server bumper car crash and I got knocked in the head with a safety harness - causing me to puke on the swings ride.) but at least you don't have to pay for every ride... =)

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