Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beware of Others Faults

The GCC Road Safety Week commenced this week, with this slogan. While this slogan is sufficient in countries where the basics of the road have been mastered - here, where getting your licence is not based on passing a test, but wasta (influence) - it can only be scoffed at.

This is a country which had 61,000 (REGISTERED) car accidents in 2009 and has the most road related deaths per capita in the world.

Every day collectively four of us in the taxi probably say 'shit' the minimum of 20 times on a half an hour there and back car trip. You put your life on the line every time you go on the road.

Learning how to drive usually begins on a quite road, and only once you and your instructor feels confident do you go to the next level. This is where you learn to drive and simultaneously become aware of other drivers around you.

Why I object to this slogan is that some people here are happy to believe that it was other faults which causes the accident; not their speeding, tail gating, cutting off or crossing three lanes to get off the round about... RIGHT NOW!

Okay, don't think it could be THAT bad... I'll give you some examples of what I have seen:

- Guys doing wheeleys on motorbikes at 150km/h. I have seen this three times. Not only were these idiots doing this stupid act, they were wearing no leathers of helmets.

-8 to 12 year old children going down the highway

- 3 year old child sitting on Dads lap behind the wheel of the car at a busy intersection... lights change... the child is using the wheel... not his dad.

- A police car speeding then overtaking someone before going up the curb hitting two parked cars

- Child restraints... seat belts... what are they?

- Cars racing up to 250km/h

Most horrific story this year
8 die in illegal race

Now... last year the Head of Police said something like people speed because their drunk, crazy, or just need to get somewhere quickly. So make sure you get out of their way.


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