Monday, September 20, 2010

Flutterby Cakes

When I was in the UK my Nan took me to my first car boot sale. While sceptical at the prospect of the whole idea of Trash and Treasure - my cousin Karen, Nan and myself trudged through the car boot on a cold summers day - and I found this:

I'm not a big cake fan - but I love baking - and I love baking for other people. This would just add further interest. The idea of decorating was lovely.

But, my biggest hurdle by being in Kuwait is that the ingredients are not all available - simple things like Caster Sugar to more difficult ingredients like food colour paste and sugar paste are almost impossible to find.

However, we need to solider on and I asked Tristan to choose a cake for me to bake. He chose butterfly cakes - because they were like the fairy cakes he loved as a child.

Fortunately most of the ingredients were easy to find.

The basic gist of the recipe is that you use a sponge batter and put it in the cup cake holders and bake for 15 minutes. Meanwhile you whip up a batch of vanilla or choclate butter cream. When the cup cakes are cooked and cooled you cut a shallow dome in the middle, put a spoon full of butter cream in the middle, cut the dome in half and put on the wings.


Quick question for the folks at home: Can you post recipes from books online?

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