Friday, September 10, 2010

Noice-ities: I'm back!

After a couple of months of holiday, study, Ramadam and work, life is returning to expected parameters and I have to say - that's Noice! (Horray - I'm returning to blogging!)

The biggest noice-itie for this week is that I got told that I passed my last module and I will be getting my Certificate in Archaeology from Leicester University very soon! It's very noice to have some sort of direction in my life.

I'll hopefully get into university in La Trobe (MELBOURNE! WHOO!) and study archaeology. I could then be one of the following:

- Archaeologist Person
- Archaeological Conservation Person
- Heritage Management Person
- Museum Person
- Teacher Person
- Indiana Jones (I need to start practising with a bull whip!)

See... some sort of direction! Or maybe I'll still be a firetruck when I grow up!

Other Noice-ities:

- I brought my cats a pack of rubber spikey balls - this is the only toy that Lyia has EVER shown interest in. The funny thing is not only does she likes to whack it around, pick it up in her mouth but she also likes to... talk to it?

We hear her meowing, she is often staring at the ball meowing at it?!

The bad thing is the balls are so bloody small. We had 6 of them and the majority have already disappeared! We will have to start hunting under stuff soon.

- I finished reading the Mist Born trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. Wow, what a read! =)

- Tristan has finally got a hobby - Sodoku! This is Noice because he isn't always focusing on his PHD and doing something to relax.

- The weather is in the early 40s - meaning... WE CAN GO WALKING!! WHOO!


  1. A Kemsley with a bull whip, me thinks not a good idea.

  2. IT was Mum not Anon but I didnt know the other prfiles