Saturday, September 25, 2010


Well to be honest this week and the last wasn't Noice...

It wasn't 'bad' but it was just busy.

Last week was the first week back at school - it was crazy. I found having to rely on people is near impossible and just makes my job harder. It would be so much easier if I did said work for people myself - but is this fair?

Compound this with a 6 day work week and one 13 hour work day. I was exhausted... and ended up being a bit mentally unhealthy.

Lastly I got a hair colour and cut. Some how burgundy red = boring brown... how the fuck does that happen?!

But in my life I have a very noice man! His name is Tristan and he booked me into Spa Aquatonic in the Crowne Plaza. I got body scrubbed, juccizfied and massaged.

I had never done the spa thing before - I was always a bit apprehensive - especially after a brutal aervedic massage in India. But, I was lead into my own suite by a kind lady from Thailand. She first showed me to the change room and I got my own disposable undies!

The body scrub was divine.

The Jacuzzi lit up into all different colours - so it was like a massage disco.

Finally the massage and it is amazing how fingers and hands can stop you from thinking.

So, I'll definitely subscribe to the stereotype that women love spa's and do it again (offcourse when I can afford it.) simply because it was noice!

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