Saturday, June 5, 2010


I've decide to take a leaf out of Liz's book with putting up my week Noice-ities.

First off it was the hubby's birthday (he's not the furry one!)

So I baked him a nommy vanilla cheese cake - a recipe from the equally as nommy Jamie Oliver! While the cake was tasty, it confirmed my hate of electric ovens. While sometimes it just burns my cakes, this time it didn't cook it properly! GRRR

I'm not sure if this is a noice-itie or not... Sam has become a basket case!

He hardly fits, but will stay there for ages!!

Tristan booked my air tickets to the UK

The best noice-itie was these beautiful roses from Tristan - they were delivered at work and the card simply said 'Surprise!' - It is so lovely to see such nice flowers!

Yesterday I went to a work friends baby shower - which included the game 'Guess the Chocolate' - the choclate was melted into a nappy! I won the game! =)

Today I finished knitting Raggady Anne's legs - it was one of the hardest things I've had to do! Next - knickers frills!


  1. Happy Birthday Tris! (belatedly, I know!)

    Sam looks adorable. My parents cats used to to the same, even though they didn't fit. Too cute!

    When are you going to the UK? In time for the Ed Fringe?

    I've added your link to this week's noice-ities post, I hope you don't mind! (If you do, just let me know and I'll remove it. :))

  2. Belatedly - i think you had a good excuse!! =) MRS!!

    Going on the 25th - going to do a dig in York =)

    That's no problem =)

  3. (heh, Liz, you're off to a good start as our new employee! ;))

    Those roses are stunning, wonder what variety they are??

  4. Welcome Laura

    I have no idea what variety - but it is so nice to see any type of flowers here!

  5. Welcome to noice-ities Nick, thanks for joining :)

    I think all noice-ities must include some kitteh actions, so you are most certainly doing it right..Sam is super cute :)