Sunday, June 20, 2010


Another week... another Noice-ities

*This week included baking aka a fight to the death with my electric oven - which browned my chocolate and raspberry muffins!!

But they still turned out nommy!

*Not Noice - turned Noice: The seller will replace any odd discs of Star Trek. We have gotten through all of season one and some of season two and there hasn't been any more.

As a result of this immersion into 'where no ONE has gone before' I have become a little Data fangirl (ahhh he is so sweet ^_^... mmm he has all his functioning parts!)

I <3 him as Sherlock Data!

*School is out! No kids, no teachers, working shorter hours. Life is lovely!!

*Everything is booked to go to England! I go on Thursday - whoo!

*Tris and I went to see the A-Team. Both of us had never seen the original series until we got to Kuwait - where it is replayed to buggery on TV. I was sceptical of the remake - but the characters and story line stayed true!

Some of the bad reviews described it as 'mindless', 'testosterone filled' and one guy even bagged the film because of it's 'Call of Duty' reference. I pity the fools who can't watch a movie just for the quirky comedy and big bangs!

It was one of the best movies (we only get mainstream movie in Kuwait!) that we have seen for a long time!

*Tonight we got a surprise from our Taxi driver Ali - home made Byiani - or as I would call it 'Nommy-ani'. This is one of the best meals I had in ages - the spices, the combination of rice, veggies and a touch of meat - was really to die for!

Now some of you may wonder why our Taxi Driver would do this - or why we would accept food from our Taxi Driver. But, Ali is not just our Taxi driver - he is our protector on the road and our mate. We have known him for two and a half years. He is one of the most kindest, upbeat person in this arid place. We know all about his children and wife, we have shared many laughed and have even compiled Ali'isms

If something is good it's 'very fantastic'
He has 'stopped making production' (You work that out yourselves)
He's introduced us to the 'back side' and 'front side' of buildings.
People can be 'Half Empty' (not very smart)
If the water is 'hot' (wavy) it will be dusty
Some drivers can be 'Donkeys' (stupid!)
And many more!

*Last Noice-itie for this week will include the construction of Raggedy Andy - I have knitted his body, collar and bow tie. On the needles right now is his foot! Hopefully get him finished very soon!

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