Sunday, June 13, 2010


This weeks Noice-ities are a bit late because I wanted to make sure that I had a 'Huzzah!!' moment. But lets do things in order...

*Being told a day before that I'm helping Stage Manage with the British Academy of International Arts LAMDA Ceremony. Quite easy... when I knew what was happening!!

But it was lovely to see all the people I have worked with this year getting such fantastic exam results with special and well deserved commendations.

Lizzy, Yousef and Emily reprising their roles in the Railway Children.

*Karaoke the next night with the BAIA Kids - sang horribly - but apparently not horribly enough. Alison still wants me to sing in Les Miserables 0.o!!!

Hamad and I - obviously not singing!

*Getting Star Trek the Next Generation DVD box set.

*I helped organise a surprise bridal shower for this lovely lass! It turned out well =)

*I managed to not get my Noshad taxi driver in trouble for an expired licence (it takes months here to renew it, and he is leaving on holiday this month - trust me not worth the hassle) by scaring a police officer at a check point... I cheerfully offered him cake... he look mortified and apologised to me!

Finally, my HUZZAH moment! After much struggling, learning a lot of stuff (except fucking slip stitch - you impossible stitch!) and many wounds - making me look like I'm an junky injecting through my hands!

I finished Raggedy Anne!

Next for Raggedy Andy.

Now what a great week... but still I have some Not So Noice-ities - so here are my NERKS for the week:

*I got a haircut for the LAMDA ceremony (because I had to wear a pretty dress!) the cut was nice (when I unpoofed it!) but the colour was meant to be DARK RED - no matter how many people like it - i'm not impressed.

*My main taxi man Ali - who has kept me and Tris safe on the crazy roads in Kuwait was fined a huge amount of money because his path met with a cranky police officer. He has been asked to stop at a Bacalar (little shop) so his passenger could pick up a recharge card. The police man couldn't pass - so instead of asking him to move - he took Ali's papers and fined him the equivalent to $220 Australian dollars for an maximum $8 taxi ride. Good on you Mr Police Man! (FYI - why I feel so good for my victory against police this week!)

*I have been helping manually edit reports for The Sunshine Kindergarten. This has been hours of work. This would have been avoided if a certain designer did some handover - GRRR!

*The Star Trek boxset which we brought for 250US on the Amazon Market place is a very good fake.

We thought something was wrong when an episode froze. Then when an episode of NCIS and not TNG started playing, we thought - 'shit'. Then I looked and realised there were labels on the CD - they were not printed on. I wouldn't mind too much - but it is a lot of money - and if you are going to do a copy... DO IT RIGHT!

We will see what the seller does before lynching them...


  1. Hey sis
    Did you pay by credit card? you can dispute the transaction with your finaicial institiution.

  2. your mum is very proud of your raggity Ann, well done and Noreen loves her to .

  3. Hi Ani

    This guy will replace the DVDs - so it's all good!!

    Thanks Mum