Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Apparently this year is going to be the hottest in Kuwait history. Fun fact though – the temperature (recorded in any government building) only gets up to 48 degrees. It’s amazing, because any day over 50 degrees means a day off. So it is going to never hotter 48 degrees, but it will be the hottest summer yet…

But, the heat and dust have really come to Kuwait.

How would I describe it? Oppressive and suffocating.

For me it effects me because I now have to take a Telfast a day, or I’m stuffed up and scratchy because of the dust. Then, it just feels like I’m cadged inside. I spent 15 minutes outside on Monday, the heat gave me head ache and I could hardly speak.

Then living in air conditioning…

But for me it going from an air conditioned house, to an air conditioned car, to an air conditioned work – and while it is freezing, drying and generally awful it’s not being outside.

I talk about the security men, the builders and the road side vendors – who get paid a pittance to suffer through these conditions.

I wish that this year there will be no deaths because of dehydration while having to work outside, I hope that their health will remain strong in this harsh environment and plead to their families to keep sending their love and support down the telephone lines while these men sacrifice so much as they work through the summer.

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